Ugly Partially Functional POC

Arshu AppWeb Html Viewer/Assembler

Arshu AppWeb Html Viewer is a Offline Tool for viewing/assembling of html components

Can we build WebApps easily (Imperative, Declarative, Assembled) if UI is F(Html, JsonData, ActionInJson) Meta

Sync the Templates folder of the App with your Html Components from Git and assemble using the Html Viewer/Assembler


Create Html Components and Assemble your Website

Componentize Html

Split your html into fragments for reuse!

UI as F(Data)

Split Html Pages into multiple Html Fragments and Json Data

Composeable Html

Compose from hierarchical nested Html Fragments

Hierarchical Data

Manage Json data of Html Components hierarchically

Remove Unused Css

During assembly only Css used in the html component will be copied

Mix Css frameworks

Use multiple Css Frameworks when creating your Html fragments and during assembly only the css used by the compontent will be copied